The generous donation of the casinos with their free spins on starburst promotion

The casinos with free spins on starburst donations

Some time ago we did a project with online casinos. Those casinos gave a huge donation of 350.000 pounds. Let me first tell you again something about Feed Bo. Our goal is to ensure that children from food-insecure families achieve their life dreams by providing for their most basic human need, food. Feedbo aims to achieve its goals through three different ways.

Our first way is the food bank, we are running our own food bank to help the families to get food cheaply and easily. Let me tell you something about food. It is for a fact that billions of pounds of food go to waste annually!
We acquire food from different kind of sources as manufactures, farms, personal donations, retail stores and others. We divide those donations and use them to feed the needy children.

Our second way is community education. We aim to educate the communities and families on how to fight against food shortage. One of the ways we seek to teach the families is teaching them farming, food preservation and food preparation.

With the generous donation of the casinos we have done a lot for the needy children and families. We could provided all the families with food for at least a couple of months and because we got so much money, we gave every familie something extra for christmas, a little treat. Most of the families could never give their children a present for the special occasions, because if they did, they didn’t have food for the rest of the week. When i discussed this with the casino’s they thought this was a really good idea.
The casinos also gave an extra promotion on their site. If people donated X money to Feed Bo they also could receive a treat for themselves. They could get a starburst slot machine free spins, free spins on starburst fruitautomaten and this promotion was on the best UK online casinos and on de beste Nederlandse casino’s met free spins.

And it worked!

Because we were receiving so much more money from people all over the world. We are so thankful this happened and could provide food for all those families in need!