Our Mission

Feedbo is a charity that is concerned with enhancing the quality of life for children. Helping parents feed their children is one sure way of securing for these young citizens a future. We have embarked on this mission because for three reasons.

1. The need to supplement the services of food banks services

Food banks have proved their ability to curb food security. However, these noble institutions have failed to eradicate the menace because of its mode of operation. It collects food donations from donors or uses the contribution by sponsors to purchase food in bulk. They then keep this food safely and wait for those who are in need to come and buy at highly discounted prices.

Feedbo aims to do more than provide a cheap food source. We want to get people involved in the process of improving food security in the United Kingdom. There is no way of doing this unless the people are taught how to produce different types of food, preserve it and even prepare healthy meals.

2. Need to provide for individual needs

We understand that different families have different needs and so should be treated differently. There is no one-solves-all method of handling food security among families in the UK.

At Feedbo, we have a programme that looks into specific needs of different families and solving their needs individually. The initiative is important as some families may be too poor to afford a trip to the food bank. There are families from which children go hungry not because of a lack of food but because their parents are too busy to ensure they eat properly.

We are committed to helping low-income families to access cheap food and also teach them the art of producing their own. In case of families that cannot produce their own food, we plan to help them find ways of finding cheap sources and preserving their food for future use. Children from families where parents are too busy can benefit from teaching the parents on the importance of caring about their children’s nutrition.

3. Someone has to do something

It is probably the main reason why we exist. The statistics on the rate of hunger among school going children is rising every day. One in every five parents foregoes meals to feed their children and teachers to have offered their food to help feed these minors. Even more, the cost of meals in schools has gone up from £1 to £3 per meal in 2013 to £2 and £4 per meal in 2017.

We as Feedbo cannot sit back and watch while we can do something. The Government has done its part, and there is always a gap to be filled the efforts of the people. Feedbo is our channel of bringing the change we desire in the society and curbing the menace of hunger in which a significant number of our young population is languishing.

By choosing to join us and supporting our mission and vision, you become part of the solution. Together we can secure our future for our young generation. Thanks to our newest sponsor https://www.asiancasinoclub.com/review/luckyniki/ for supporting us!