New sponsor with a no deposit bonus

We are proud to present one of our latest sponsors, CasinoTribe. This London based online casino is very young and sponsoring a good cause for the first time. Not because they didn’t want to, but it took a while for them to break even and after that make enough profit to be able to donate some of it. However, as soon as it did, the casino started noticing something. A couple of their employees were really struggling to get by. Between the inflated rent prices in the English capital and the high cost of living, some were worried they couldn’t feed their children. Time for CasinoTribe to step up.

Employees first

Of course, when the casino first thought about helping people in need, they wanted to do something for their employees. The first thing that happened is that everybody in the company got a 5% raise. After that, they hired a babysitter and turned one of the meeting rooms into a daycare, so that the 10 employees with children could take them to work. This made a huge difference for the casino employees and their children remained in good hand and nearby. Everybody won with this. No employee has complained ever since.

Take it outside

After all employees were satisfied, CasinoTribe decided it was time to take their good deeds outside of the company. But as the employees are the soul of the company, the casino decided to have employees turn in their ideas to raise money. The casino never expected to receive so many ideas and already implemented three of them, of which we have received all profits.

1: No deposit bonus

One casino employee, who happens to be Dutch, rolled out a special promotion for British players only. All new players who didn’t have an account yet would see a text pop up when they entered the casino. This was either claim hier uw bonus zonder storting or the same in another language. It means claim your no deposit bonus here. This text switched to the same sentence in another language. And the player who could guess 10 languages in 10 seconds won the no deposit bonuses. Out of all the extra signups this generated, the casino offered us 10% of the revenue share.

2: Special slot machine

After the no deposit bonus madness, it was time to make another idea come true. This one was in collaboration with Gekke Gokkasten B.V., a famous slot machine provider. Together, the two companies created a slot machine called “Working My Ass Off a.k.a. WMAF”. The main character is Maggie, a woman who works three jobs just to feed her baby. You can see her full story in the slot machine, which actually became quite upbeat. No wonder players love this casino game and CasinoTribe generously decided to donate all the profits of this game to us.

3: Extra slot machine option

The last idea for now was to create an extra option on already existing slot machines. Some of them offer the possibility to double your winnings. In these games you have to choose a card from a card deck and see if you have one. However, CasinoTribe substituted this with the option to take half your winnings and donate the other half to us.