Leo Vegas free spins bonus Ltd donates 25000 pounds!

Leo Vegas free spins bonus Ltd donatesWe work tirelessly to provide children in the UK with their most basic need – food. Without it we simply cannot survive – this is a fact. Our bodies require sustenance for basic functions like cell repair, and for energy to move and talk.

Did you know that an estimated 25% of parents with children under the age of 18 cannot afford proper meals for their children? We find this absolutely astounding – how can this be possible in today’s modern world?

Sadly it is – and this charity looks to redress this imbalance. Unfortunately, to do so we rely on help from third parties. Receiving like the ground-breaking £25,000 from Leo Vegas Free Spins Bonus Ltd – read on to find out more.

We rely on companies to give children what they rightfully deserve

As mentioned, Freebo cannot operate without help from others. The money we receive is used to directly help children. For example, we run several food banks in the UK. Also, we try to educate local communities because simple education like this can help greatly –

Leo Vegas free spins bonus Ltd gives hope to those in need

Last month, we received an unbelievable £25,000 from LeoVegas. This is an online casino provider and they offer a huge slots and casino game portfolio – they stated that they believed in what we are doing, and that they hope this could help those less fortunate.

Using the money we received from Leo Vegas, we aim to start setting up a third food bank. This will build upon the success of our current two ones and give additional means to families who have not enough. In an ideal world,this should not be needed. Unfortunately they are, and the £25,000 from Leo Vegas free spins bonus Ltd will allow us to create another in an area of the UK that has known child hunger problems.

We will keep you updated on the progress and show that this heartfelt donation is being put to good use!

About LeoVegas

To show our gratitude to Leo Vegas, we have provided a little info about their company. Leo Vegas is an online casino based in the UK. It provides a host of casino games, slots, and entertainment to its players – you can register here and potentially win some big jackpot and cash prizes (if you do – consider giving some of your winnings to Freebo!).

Leo Vegas has a fantastic reputation, and are known for being a legitimate online casino that places customer entertainment and value first. We know this to be true from their generous donation that is sure to change our operations and allow Freebo to help children in need even more!

We hope others will follow suit and help Feedbo.com eradicate hunger!

We are still astounded at the amazing £25,000 that Leo Vegas free spins bonus ltd provided. It was such a shock! This money will help those that are less fortunate – it will give children the vital nourishment they need to develop.

To finish, we want to reach out to other companies and individuals. Every pound helps! No matter how small. Without help from companies like LeoVegas, we would not be able to continue our work. If Feedbo is something that appeals to you and you believe in – please show your support and give back today!