About Us

Feedbo is a charity that focuses on helping alleviate hunger and malnutrition problems among children. We have committed to achieving this goal in two distinct ways:

Food bank

We run a food bank where we receive donations from individuals and sponsors. We store the food donations delivered to us and distribute it to families of children in need. Monetary grants from other donors are used to buy food.

Due to the purchasing power of food banks, one sterling pound can buy meals for six to eight children. As such, it becomes easy for to give the donations at an almost free price. Since we are a non-profit organisation, the fees we charge the only carter for operational costs.

Community educator

Feedbo aims to create a lifelong impact on the lives of those whom it helps. As a result, we have a branch that is dedicated to teaching people different ways of ensuring food security. Some of the methods we focus on include subsistence farming, horticulture, beekeeping, dairy farming and much more.

We are committed as well to minimising food wastages by teaching people how to preserve foods. Otherwise, they need to buy just what they need. Feedbo also teaches parents the importance of paying attention to the health of their children

Feedbo and Politics

We are a non-profit organisation that depends on the donations from well-wishers and sponsors to fund our programmes. No political group does support us, and neither do we participate in politics. Our goal of helping feed children from challenged families is not a political undertaking.

Feedbo, therefore, accepts help and donations from all who are willing to join hands in this noble cause, irrespective of their political opinions or affiliations. Currently, we receive donations from individuals from different walks of life including politicians, businesspersons.

Our Mission statement

Our mission is to improve food security among UK families by offering a cheap source, conducting community education on food security and designing food crisis solutions to meet individual needs.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to see to see communities with healthy and vibrant kids that are working hard to meet their dreams in life,

Our core values

The following three qualities form the foundation of our operations:

  • Equality
  • Transparency
  • Integrity


We are grateful for the sponsorship of organisations that have invested their finances in helping us achieve our dream. We are proudly sponsored by:


NCVO is another non-profit organisation that helps charities with funding, getting volunteers and guidance on other areas such as personnel management and governance.

William Hill Casino

William Hill is an online casino with thousands of staff in over nine countries. The casino has devoted most of its resources to helping courses that improve the quality of life in the communities where they are based. They have focused on supporting research and development projects and assisting other charities with noble causes such Feedbo.


JustGiving.com is an online giving platform that allows people to contribute to good causes such as ours. Since its inception in 2001, it has helped raise over 4.5billion for charities in over 164 countries.